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Center of Nanotechnology and Materials for Nanoelectronics
Supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic within the program for the Centers of Basic Research (project LC 510). The Center started its activities on 1 May 2005.


Center of nanotechnology and materials for nanoelectronics will focus on those fields of nanoelectronics enabling the use of unique quantum phenomena, but which require solving problems in 3 directions of basic research:
  1. Finding new photon sources, compatible with Si technology, which would allow information transfer by photons. The main goal will be the test of optical gain and possibility of Si nanocrystals-based laser;
  2. Using the spin of charge carriers in semiconductor nanostructures for storing and transferring information, where the main goal will be the preparation and selection of the most perspective spintronic material from the point of view of the operational temperature and spin coherence time, which directly controls its applicability;
  3. Research of carbon-based nanostructructures, in particular:
    1. preparation of nanodiamond films, study of their unique, especially surface electronic properties and surface bioactivation aiming at design of novel bio-sensors or field-effect nano-transistors and
    2. preparion of carbon nanotubes and fullerene peapods, study of their structure, electronics and photochemistry, important for targeted laser preparation. Study of fullerene solubility by supramolecular chemistry is important for the transport of active compounds in medicine.
An important goal of the Center will be the creation of interdisciplinary platform, missing in the Czech Republic, connecting physics, chemistry, electronics and biology. The applicants will verify the possibilities of interconnection between Si and C nanostructure research, integration of optoelectronic and spintronic elements in semiconductor nanostructures, as well as the connection to carbon nanostructures and biosenzors.

Full text of the project:
(available in Czech only)
More detailed information about the research which is being carried out can be found at the web sites of the joint laboratories:
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